AIS Master Camille Przewodek

AIS Impressions Small Works Showcase
June 1 - August 31 2019

Crooked Tree Arts Center
461 E Mitchell St, Petoskey Michigan 

Judge of Awards
AIS Master Camille Przewodek

Award Winners

Best of Show: $4000 cash (funded by AIS)  
Abigail McBride “Kuniko” 16x12 oil

Second Place: Southwest Art Magazine - full page ad ($3380 value)
Patricia Nebbeling “Roses in Green Vase” 16x12 oil

Third Place: American Art Collector - half page Artist Focus Feature ($2400 value)
Michael Clark “Summer Memories” 12x10 oil

AIS Master Award of Excellence:
Fine Art Connoisseur - half page ad ($2100 value) and $600 cash (funded by AIS) ($2700 total value)Wiezhen Liang AISM “Morning Path” 11x14 oil

Award of Excellence: Artwork Archive Lifetime (5 year) Professional Subscription ($720 value)
Diane Frossard “Cove Harbor Clouds” 12x12 oil

Award of Excellence:
Gamblin Artist Oils $500 merchandise certificate and $250 cash (funded by AIS) ($750 total value)
Leslie Dyas “Profusion” 13x11 oil

5 Honorable Mentions: $100 each funded by AIS

            Jerry Smith AIS “Heartland Spring” 8x10 oil

            Jeff Legg “Resplendent Blue” 12x13 oil

            Diane Eugster  “Summer Time” 12x12 oil

            Toni Williams AIS “At Peace” 11x14 oil

            Carol Strockwasson “Sunset” 6x12 pastel

Purchase Awards:

            Kathryn Fisher “Finches In Winter” 12x9 oil

            Jenny Buckner “Pinky” 12x16 oil

            Chula Beauregard “All in the Family” 12x6 oil

    Anne Blair Brown "Tuckered" 12x12 oil

            Elizabeth Pollie “Here Comes the Sun” 14x14 oil

            James Swanson “Painting the Tugboat Red” 16x12 oil

            Cheryl St John AIS “Snack Time” 10x12 oil

            Mikyoung Osburn “Survival of the End” 12x12 oil


Exhibition begins June 1st and ends August 31st. 

June 5-8th:
All Member Paintout 

  • Canvas stamping will be available Wednesday, June 5th through Friday June 7th, 9am to 4pm at Crooked Tree Arts Center.
  • Artists must turn in finished framed painting for the wet wall competition between 3 and 5pm on Friday June 7th or between 9 and 9:30 am on Saturday morning June 8th.. 
  • Each participating member may turn in one painting, framed and ready to hang. 
  • Size limit: 200 sq inches (not including frame) with the max length on the longest side 20 inches. 
  • Wet Wall Exhibition Reception will run concurrently with that of the main juried exhibition, from 5 to 8pm on Saturday, June 8th. 
  • Prizes will be awarded for the wet wall competition - Best of Show, 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Unsold paintings must be removed by the artist by 9pm on Saturday, June 8th (immediately following the reception). 

June 8
Opening Reception, 5pm to 8pm 
Crooked Tree Arts Center, 461 E Mitchell St, Petoskey MI. 

June 7-8:
Educational programs/lectures at the gallery. Click on the Education/Resources tab, then "Register for Events" on the drop down menu for the complete schedule of educational events.

August 31:
Last day of exhibition 

By September 15:
Unsold work shipped back to artists.
*Note that this is the final shipping date.
*Hand delivered works must be picked up no later than Sept. 4th or make arrangements with the gallery

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