Charlotte Dickinson

Charlotte Dickinson started painting at an early age, inspired by professional artists and sculptors in her family.  For 27 years she owned and operated a gallery in the beautiful Endless Mountain area of Pennsylvania.  She has been painting and teaching for more than 35 years.

With a solid background in drawing, composition and color theory, she now devotes her entire professional life to the challenge of the efforts of light on form through color. The idea of space and filtered light indeed exemplifies her work today and she brings to her painting a life long interest in the work of Cezanne and the Impressionists. She has studied with many fine artist over the years but credits William Schultz and Charles Movalli with "showing her the light." My love for painting is a result of a great appreciation of nature and the beauty around me. I love to work in different media. Each subject lends to a special technique.

In 1998 she founded the AIS in honor of her mentor William Schultz, Master Artist.  She spent 15 years with the support of T.R. Dickinson, Marjorie Bradley, Pauline Ney and many volunteers to bring the finest venues to our members.  

Theron Dickinson

Theron Dickinson(1931 - 2018)T.R. to his friends,  spent his childhood on a beautiful country farm in Pennsylvania.  With a family of six he worked as Branch Manager with Crowell-Collier Publishing Co. in Richmond, Virginia. Years later he acquired the position as Territory Supervisor for KiWi Cavalier. Under his supervision, his territories, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and W. Virginia became Number One in Sales Volume in the US.

After retiring and moving to Florida, T.R. was employed by the USDA. It was on April 23, 2003 he become the AIS Membership Chairman and Treasurer by the Board of Directors. Through the years the Board had seen T.R. as a strong leader, helping to bring the AIS to its present level of credibility in the United States.

T.R. believed all good things come from GOD. His guiding rule was “The word INTEGRITY” and it's full dictionary interpretation. He read this everyday. T.R. carried his responsibilities with the greatest possible pleasure. 

In Memoriam - Theron (T.R.) Dickinson

It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts that we announce the passing of AIS Chairman Emeritus and former National Treasurer Theron Dickinson. T.R. passed away peacefully on January 18, 2018 from pneumonia. He was 86 years old.

T.R. was the husband of AIS founder Charlotte Dickinson and was an integral part of the leadership of AIS for many years. In 2003 he was elected by the board of directors as Membership Chairman and Treasurer. AIS as lost a dear friend, a tireless supporter and leader.

Please keep Charlotte and her family in your thoughts and prayers through this sad and difficult time.

Debra Joy and Don Groesser
AIS CEO/President and National Treasurer

William J. Schultz

William (Bill) Schultz (1919-2005), Co-Founder, and Director of the AIS  had inspired numerous professional artists and teachers through his teaching. He also was a Master Pastelist in the Pastel Society of America and had won many awards for his oil and pastel paintings.

As a youth, Schultz had the good fortune of beginning his art studies with Martin C. Hoy, a fine artist and student of Robert Henri and William M. Chase. His primary teacher was Robert Brackman, who studied with Ivan Olinsky who was a student of John Singer Sargent.

He was director and instructor for the William J. Schultz Art School in Lenox, Massachusetts for 25 years. Bill moved to Florida where he continued to teach until he was 82 years old. His students revere him and say he was the “Art Spirit” personified.

Marjorie L. Bradley

Marjorie L. Bradley (1933-2016) Co- Founder, lived and painted in Vero Beach, Florida.  She received her early art training at the Mac Murrough School of Art, Melbourne, FL. Beginning in 1968 she began studying  with William Schultz.

She attended workshops with award winning artists Ellen Plankey and Marlis Newman, of Melbourne, and John Asaro, of Carlsbad, California. 

She was a member of the Indian River County Garden Club, as well as the founder and director of the “Artists Guild Gallery of Vero Beach”.

Pauline S. Ney

Pauline S. Ney, Co-Founder, lives and paints on the Manatee River in Parrish, Florida and in the Chesapeake Bay area, Maryland.

She studied art at the American University and the Corcoran School of Art, in Washington, D.C., but credits William Schultz with changing her life forever by introducing her to the Impressionist way and has studied with him since 1991.

She also studied with plein air artist/teacher/author, Kevin MacPherson, of Taos, New Mexico

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