American Impressionist Society
Annual National Juried Exhibition
September 27 - October 28, 2018

Judge of Awards: Dawn Whitelaw, AIS Master

Hosted by:
Peninsula School of Art – Guenzel Gallery

Award Winners

Best of Show
$12,000 cash funded by AIS
Nancy Boren “Spring Pink” 24x18 oil

Second Place
$8,000 cash funded by AIS
Barbara Jaenicke “Sparkling Day Along Tumalo Creek” 16x20 oil

Third Place
$4,000 cash funded by AIS
Shannon Smith Hughes “Blood Oranges and Blues”24x24  oil

William Schultz Memorial Award in Oils
$1,000 cash funded by AIS
Katie Dobson Cundiff  “Treasure Hunter” 16x12 oil

Marjorie L. Bradley Memorial Associate Member Award
$1000 cash funded by AIS Co-founder Pauline Ney
Valerie Craig “Lavender Tunnels” 24x30 oil

Dickinson Signature Member Award  
$1,000 funded by AIS
Bill Farnsworth “Flowers for the Table” 14x18 oil

Ney Founders Masters Award
$1,000 funded by AIS Co-founder Pauline Ney
Camille Przewodek “Hat with Red Rose” 16x12 oil

President’s Choice Award
$1,000 funded by AIS
Michele Byrne “Manhattan Morning Light” 10x10 oil

 Award of Excellence for Pastels
$1,000 funded by AIS
Nancy Nowak  “A Place in the Sun” 12x12 pastel

Award of Excellence for Watermedia
$1,000 funded by AIS
Frank Eber  “Anytown USA” 18x22 watercolor

AIS 2018 Publication Sponsor Awards - Master Artists:

Southwest Art Magazine Master Award of Excellence 
(full page ad $3,380 value)
Roger Dale Brown  “Affections of Mine” 18x24 oil

American Art Collector Master Award of Excellence
(full page ad ($3,400 value)
Kenn Backhaus  “Out of the Shadows” 24x20 oil

AIS 2018 Publication Sponsor Awards - Juried Artists:

Fine Art Connoisseur Award of Excellence
(full page ad $3995 value)
Bart Lindstrom  “Laura” 20x30 oil

Plein Air Magazine Award of Excellence
(full page ad $3995 value)
Vladislav Yeliseyev  “Nets in Green” 20x16 watercolor

Southwest Art Magazine Award of Excellence
(full page ad $3,380 value)
Derek Penix  “Spinning Koi” 30x30 oil

American Art Collector Award of Excellence
(full page ad $3400 value)
Nancy Tankersley  “Afternoon at Harry’s Bar” 20x20 oil

Artists Choice Award:
Fine Art Connoisseur Half Page Ad Award ($2,150 value)
FASO Artists Websites 2 Year Web Hosting ($600 value)
Vasari Classic Oils $250
Blick Art Materials $100, Rosemary Brushes $100 (Total value $3,200)
Larry Seiler  “A Hard Day’s Play” 18x24 oil

Merchandise Sponsor Awards:  

FASO Artist Websites Award of Excellence  
Lifetime FASO Website Hosting ($3000 value)
Stephanie Paige Thomson  “Lioness” 20x16 oil

Artwork Archive Awards of Excellence 
Lifetime Subscription to Artwork Archive ($1500 value each)
1)  Jane Chapin  “Vendor” 18x24 oil
2)  Tonya Zenin  “Evening Glow, Point Lobos” 20x24oil

Gamblin Artist Oils Awards of Distinction (1)
$500 Gamblin merchandise,
JFM  $250, Princeton Brushes $300 – Total value $1,050
Robert Macpherson “Peaceful Sea” 20x16 oil

Gamblin Artist Oils Awards of Distinction (2)
$500 Gamblin merchandise
Method Light $130, Artwork Essentials $350 – Total value $980
Carolyn Lindsey “Sheep Shed” 10x16 oil

Blue Ridge Oils Award of Distinction
$500 Blue Ridge
$250 JFM Enterprises
$250 SourceTek merchandise certificates – Total value $1,000
Shelby Keefe   “Reclamation” 18x24 oil

JFM Enterprises Award of Distinction
$500 JFM Enterprises
$250 Vasari Oils
$300 Wind River Arts certificates – Total value $1,050
Eric Jacobsen  “Evening Shadows” 16x24 oil

Princeton Brushes Award of Distinction
$300 Princeton Brushes
$250 Blue Ridge Oils
RayMar $150, Method Lights $130 – Total value $830
Janice Kirstein  “Sunflowers” 14x14 oil

Award of Merit
Revelite $500 merchandise certificate
$80 Judson Art Outfitters/Guerilla Painter gift certificate  - Total value $580
Bill Cramer  “Tree Line Blues” 18x24 oil

Award of Merit
Bella Muse Productions $500 cash
Jack Richeson $100 gift certificate – Total value $600
Lori Putnam  “Flocked” 18x24 oil

Award of Merit
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff $500
Kathleen Hudson  “Coastline Patterns, Garrapata State Park”  24x24 oil

Award of Merit
Method Lights $320, $250 Artframes.com gift certificate – Total value $570
Laurel Hart  “Casual Conversation” 10x8 watercolor

Honorable Mention
Blick Art Materials/Utrecht $100 gift certificate, $200 cash (AIS)  
Mary Pettis  “Goats Glow” 16x24 oil

Honorable Mention
Judson Art Outfitters/Guerilla Painter  $130 merchandise certificate, $200 cash (AIS)
Jenny Buckner  “Shadows” 10x8 oil

Honorable Mention
Jack Richeson & Co.  $125 merchandise certificate, $200 cash (AIS)
Spike Ress  “Step House Ruin” 10x14 watercolor

Honorable Mention
Golden Artist Colors $100 gift certificate, $200 cash (AIS)
Joe Gyurcsak  “Grayson” 14x18 acrylic

Honorable Mention
Blue Ridge Oils $250 gift certificate, $100 cash (AIS) 
Jason Saunders  “Garden Roses in Bloom” 12x18 oil        

Southwest Art All Member Plein Air Paintout “Wet Wall” Exhibition

Best of Show
Jack Richeson $150 gift certificate, AirFloat $150 gift certificate, $200 cash (AIS)
Kathie Odom

Second Place 
Blick Art Materials/Utrecht $100 merchandise certificate, $150 cash (AIS)
Susan Ploughe

Third Place
Guerilla Painter $50 merchandise certificate, $100 cash (AIS)
Kami Mendlik

Honorable Mentions:
Plein Air Magazine one year subscription awards ($40)
1) Wendy Szyperski
2)  Larry Seiler

Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine one year subscription awards ($40 each)
3)  Kathie Wheeler
4)  Kelli Folsom

Vasari Canvas Bags
1) Bob Beck
2) Jane Hunt


Sept. 17th – Sept. 21st: Artists ship accepted work to Peninsula School of Art.

Mon-Wed, Sept. 24-26:     Workshop with Dawn Whitelaw, AISM 

Thursday, Sept. 27:          
AIS Opening Reception with Awards Presentation, 5 to 8pm
Peninsula School 
of Art’s Guenzel Gallery

Friday, Sept. 28:               
Painting demo by Dawn Whitelaw, 6 to 8pm – at the gallery
Educational programs throughout the day

Saturday, Sept. 29:           
All Member Paintout/Competition with “Wet Room Show and Sale” from 4 to 
6pm at the gallery.

Thursday, Sept. 27:
Peninsula School of Art’s Guenzel Gallery 
8:30am - Gallery Tour & Breakfast sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air Magazine 
5 to 8pm AIS Opening Reception with Awards Presentation

Friday, Sept. 28:     
Peninsula School of Art’s Guenzel Gallery           

8:30-10am - Panel Discussion Group - Panelists will include AIS Signature members Shelby Keefe, Cindy Baron, Bill Davidson and AIS Master Dawn Whitelaw. Moderated by AIS CEO/President Debra Joy Groesser
10:15-11:30am - "Nature of Oil Painting-Environmental Health and Safe Studio Practices" presented by Jaclyn Mednicov, Gamblin Artist Oils.
1:00-2:30pm - "A Lineage of Color" with Kami Mendlik
2:45 to 4:45pm  - Group painting demonstrations featuring AIS Signature members Shelby Keefe (oil), Bill Davidson (oil), Kami Mendlik (oil) and Cindy Baron (watercolor). 
4:45 to 6pm - Happy Hour Reception for AIS Members and guests - rsvp required
6-8pmPainting demo by Dawn Whitelaw, 

Saturday, Sept. 29:   
Peninsula School of Art and around Fish Creek Wisconsin
8 2pm - All Member Paintout/Competition with
4-6pm“Wet Room Show and Sale”
 at the gallery.
7:30-9pm - Farewell Dinner (location TBD)

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