Opening Week in Knoxville! 

Schedule of Events

Here's what WE did in Knoxville! 

A great week with our members in an awesome town! 

All events are free for current AIS members (except workshops)

Tuesday, April 11-Saturday, April 15 Register for Paint Out! Enjoy locations selected by AIS or explore Knoxville on your own! 

Tuesday, April 11

A Day of Color Play with Anne Blair Brown AISM

Registration Fee $150  

Tuesday, April 11

Painting location for members: The Cove at Concord Park 

 Wednesday, April 12

Paint on location for members: Museum of Appalachia. 

 Wednesday, April 12  AIS Member Welcome Party 5 pm - 7 pm
 Thursday, April 13

Morning Paint Along with Anne Blair Brown  Guided Plein Air Fun!  

16 students max   $75 Registration Fee

Thursday, April 13 Paint on location for members: U of Tennessee Botanical Gardens  Figure Model in the morning!
 Friday, April 14

9:00 -10:30 am Panel discussion with  Kathie Odom AIS and Buddy Odom. 

11:00-12:00 pm Presentation by Method Lights 

1- 2pm Critiques  Provided by AIS Signature Members

 Friday, April 14

Small Works Showcase Opening Reception and Awards Reception  Evening at District Gallery

 Saturday, April 15 Wet Wall Drop off for participating Paint Out artists
Saturday, April 15

Painting demo: Anne Blair Brown AISM and Kathie Odom AIS 1 pm - 3pm

Saturday, April 15

Wet Wall Reception and Award Presentation at District Gallery   5pm 

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