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Take Your Paintings to the Next Level with Dawn Whitelaw 
September 24-26, 2018
Peninsula School of Art

Member – $475.00
Non-Member – $525.00

The process of improving your work is one of the great joys of painting. However, it is easy to get stalled along this journey. Sometimes we need a little kick-start and the benefit of a new set of eyes, to get back on the path of growth. This class is an opportunity to take a good, honest look at your current work and consider what most needs improvement. Is the area that needs tweaking related to handling the paint?... or is it design, color, value, edges, or concept?

The classroom work is divided in to three parts

1. Identification of the area to work on
2. Individualized exercises
3. Studio painting to put new ideas into practice

*Peninsula School has easels and taborets that are available for use for any artist who would like to use them.

For the six weeks following the workshop, you will have the opportunity to continue your learning experience through an online mentorship. There is no additional fee for the online portion of the class.

Come enjoy the process of digging deep and seeing results. The workshop is best suited to intermediate and advanced painters who have a working knowledge of their chosen medium.

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