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AIS Member Workshops/Lectures/DVDs

AIS Master Artists

Carolyn Anderson, AISM


Clayton J. Beck III, AISM

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Scott L. Christensen, AISM

Plein Air Magazine Article (pdf)

Introducing Christensen's latest DVD, "Solitary Profession," with over 2 hours of painting instruction and a special documentary featurette. In the thaw of Spring 2010 artist/producer Tony Pro and a small film crew visited the studio of artist, Scott L Christensen, with the intention of capturing the very essence of the man behind the easel; his methods, thoughts and ideas were the subject of this instructional documentary. Pro has captured Christensen like never before, in his solitary element, for all the world to see.

Christensen Studio

Jerry Fresia, AISM

Jerry Fresia workshop information can be found at:

IMPRESSIONISMS: The Authentic Method, Parts 1, 2, and 3
Part 1- The Mechanics of Painting
Part 2 - Painting on the Pleasure Side of the Brain
Part 3 - Lake Como in Plein-Air
The Practice and Philosophy of French Impressionism

Albert Handell, AISM

In The Cedar Grove at
Point Lobos
Pastel DVD
Mystery Falls
Oil Painting 2 DVD
Early Spring
Pastel DVD

To order Contact Albert Handell
at 505-983-8373 or alberthandell@msn.com


Quang Ho, AISM

“Nuts and Bolts” - The essential information for the artist, DVD "Painting the Still-life in Light and Shadow", DVD "Painting the Figure In An Interior", DVD

“Ansel And The Great Tree”

“I’ve spent much of 2010 working on the paintings and the design for this book. It is my first children’s book, and I got involved for the love of the story. I wanted the paintings to have a timeless quality and can be enjoyed by artists and children of all ages. We self-published it. Truly a labor of love by all involved. It’s finally available and can be ordered here, or on anselandthegreattree.com.” Quang Ho


Peggi Kroll-Roberts, AISM


Calvin Liang, AISM

Google "calvin liang workshops"
to find workshops in your area

Kevin Macpherson, AISM

(click here for detailed description)

Winter Escape DVD
Plein Air Instructional DVD/Brush With Life
Painting a Landscape from a Small Study, DVD

Landscape Painting - Inside & Out
Reflections on a Pond
Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light and Color


C.W. Mundy, AISM

DVD: En Plein Air Collections 1995 - 2005


DVD: Artist Daily Workshop: Mastering the Dramatic Still Life in Oils with C.W. Mundy




AIS Co-Founder DVD

William Schultz, Co-Founder, Video/DVD

The Nature of Nature, a complete oil demonstration of Bill's five steps to Impressionist painting and his first-ever filmed interview, is available on DVD for $70.00

Send check to:

Nadya Schultz
4280 6th Lane
Vero Beach, FL 32968

A photo-biography of
William J. “Bill” Schultz,
AIS Founder is now available.
Nearly 200 photos of Schultz and his work.

Click here for more information.

Charlotte Dickinson
AIS Founding Member

Contact 772-569-0597



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